YouTube Harp Masters

YouTube and Facebook are filled with incredible videos of harpists playing everything from classical to rock. Watching another harpist play can inspire and motivate as well as help with technique.

When I am asked to play a piece I do not know, one of the first things I do is search YouTube to see if other harpists have played it, and how they adapted the piece to the harp. That is not to say that my execution will match theirs, but I like to get inspiration from others who have blazed the trail before me.

But how do you know which videos are good and which are examples of what not to do? I have compiled a list of YouTube harp stars who I recommend watching, whether you are doing it to gain ideas, inspiration, and examples of technique, or for the pure enjoyment of the music. With these artists, you can’t go wrong. Note that I have them categorized according to what type of music most of their videos fall under, but many of these harpists have videos across several categories.

While I do not list myself as a YouTube Harp Master, I do have a channel and am working on getting more videos uploaded.

I would encourage you to start recording yourself playing, even if you do not think you are a master yet. The best way to learn and improve is to just do it! I will be sharing tips and tricks on recording in another post.

Have a harpist you think should be added to the list of YouTube Harp Masters? Message me with a link to their YouTube channel and I will check them out (even if it is your channel!). Let’s show the world how amazing and diverse the harp can be.

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  1. […] What can be more inspirational than watching someone else masterfully elicit the type of music from a harp that you dream of one day playing? But this one comes with a caveat. There are many amazing harp audio and video recordings readily available on the internet, but there are also many bad examples. Make sure the videos you watch in order to emulate are going to be good examples. For a list of YouTube harpists with great videos to watch to be inspired by, check out my post YouTube Harp Masters. […]

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