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Building Your Business
On Your Own Doesn't Mean
You Have To Do It Alone.

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where you can Add some
Super Powers to your Harp Business
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Building Your Business
On Your Own Doesn't Mean
You Have To Do It Alone.

welcome to

where you can Add some
Super Powers To your Harp Business
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See What Our harpreneurs™
Have To Say

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Easy To Follow
Growth Plans

The Growth Plans developed by harpli™ have been created with over 35 years of combined experience. Our Growth Plans help you build skills covering marketing tactics, aspects of business, becoming a performance professional, and building a teaching studio.

Courses & Certifications.

We believe in the concept of Miro-Learning where you break complex concepts down into bite sized easy to consume chunks. So we present each course as individualized sections that build on top of one another. This way you can go as fast or as slow as you want on your harpreneur™ journey.

Explore Our
Coaching Call Archive

Building on top of our growth plans, we go deeper inside each topic with our live Coaching Calls. Explore the Coaching Call archive and increase your knowledge on every aspect of your harp business.

Ready To Use
Template Library

Accelerate into your successful harp business future with our ready to use templates. Copy our proven documents, contracts, and tools that we have been using for decades to build our private studios.

Learn And Share Inside
The harpreneur™
Business Alliance

Participate in the private harpreneur™ Business Alliance when you need extra help or want to share something you have learned on your harpreneur™ journey. Join this exclusive group of harpists intent on building their businesses.

Work Through Tough
Issues Inside
harpli™ Labs

Join our LIVE group Lab calls to participate in this Done-With-You style workshop. We will be implementing the skills and concepts taught in the Growth Plans and Courses.

Go Deeper With A
LIVE Certified
harpreneur™ Coach

You can schedule your private coaching call on demand when you need extra help or want to learn something specific from outside our Growth Plans and courses. Through our custom developed integration with Zoom™ we provide your live one-on-one coaching sessions and their recordings right inside your Virtual Harp Studio.

Growing Number Of Integrated Tools

Take care of your harp needs with our integrated tools to help you tune your harp, keep time, track your practice, and build strong habits that lead to lasting success. At harpli™ we are always creating innovative solutions to make learning easier and more rewarding.

A Community To Help You Along The Way

When we decided to build harpli™ we didn't want to just teach how to build a harp business. We wanted to build a safe, private community of people passionate about this incredible instrument. That is why all the social features you love from other platforms are included right here. Share posts, videos, and photos and make connections with old & new friends.

Earn Harp Cash For Purchases & Progress

We believe in rewarding our members and students for their purchases and progress. You will earn 5% Harp Cash Back for each and every purchase and recurring membership payment. Additionally, as you progress and interact with the community you will earn points. For every 100 points we will add an additional $1 to your Harp Cash Wallet.

What A Harp Expert Says About harpli

"harpli helps harpists take the music that we learn and play and connect it to places and people, enabling and enhancing the teaching and performance situations for harpists and their audiences. This is what is so needed and missing for many harpists today."

Deborah Henson-Conant


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Our harpreneurs™ love harpli™

I am so glad I am part of harpli! I just got an enquiry for an event that is far and required me to add on mileage, and I was able to calculate it with ease from the lesson on travel fees.
Michelle K.
Harpist for Hire
I am loving harpli™!
It has helped me so much!
Ashleigh C.
AC Utah Harpist
I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time. I enjoy that it’s not on how to play the harp, but on how to do the business part, because I had no training and no knowledge of that and I feel like I’ve really learned a lot.
Pam W.
Harp Serenity
Excited to say that I recently sent my first electronic invoice to a client using my new technical skills learned with harpli™! I would recommend harpli™ to any of my harpist friends who are looking to increase their business skills.
Tula R.
Cool Harp
harpli™ is AMAZING! An excellent resource for the harp entrepreneur! Elizabeth is wonderful in explaining things and so succinct. I love the amount of time involved in the videos. I highly recommend harpli™!
Mary G.
My business thanks to harpli and my own efforts has grown a lot this past year. Too much, actually. I am being mindful of what to say yes to and what to say no too. I received a gig inquiry today and they said I was too expensive. The old Emily would have bent and negotiated to make the deal work. harpreneur™ Emily just let that gig go. I am becoming much more confident in my music skills and most importantly, my business and negotiating skills. Thanks, harpli! Cheers to all of us for improving ourselves and our businesses!
Emily F.
Emily Fife Harpist

Still Have Questions?

Is there a free version of harpli™?

Yes, we have a free forever plan that will never expire. In the free plan you have access to select Growth Plans, Coaching Calls, and Templates. You will also have exclusive member discounts and access to the community.

What if I don't have time?

One of the things that makes our platform so unique is that it conforms to your schedule. If you're a busy person, you only need about 9-15 minutes to watch our Growth Plans and a minimum of 15 min to execute some of the tasks. We spend more time than that streaming Netflix™!

Can I schedule a live 1-on-1 Coaching Call?

Absolutely! We have a simple booking system that allows you to book a live coaching call with a professional harpreneur™ Coach when its convenient for you. You can even do this from a free account, but your discounts per 30 minute coaching call increase with each paid level.

What if I change my mind?

We have a free 7 day trial so you can see what's inside harpli without paying anything. Have peace of mind knowing that we also have a 14 day no-questions-asked refund policy. Additionally, you are not locked into a contract and can cancel or downgrade your level at any time.

How does harpli's price compare to other business coaches?

Traditionally, business coaches have 6 month to 1 year contracts. These agreements can cost you between $250-$1000 per month. We want harpli™ to be a much more affordable solution. This also helps us with our core mission to make the harp more accessible to more people by aiding you the harpist in being more successful so more people can enjoy hearing you play live and/or learning to play the harp in your teaching studio.

First, don't worry, we have you covered. Over the last decade we have spent time developing a harp perfect for students. Our Starter Harp™ has everything your students need to start and continue playing for years to come. We have 3 very affordable ways to get a Starter Harp™ in your students' hands. Your students can rent one for as long as they need. They can rent-to-own and gain equity along the way. Or you can purchase our entire Starter Harp™ for one discounted price and rent it to them yourself. The best news is that with each of these 3 options you make a commission! Click Here To Learn More

What if I am just starting my harp business?

While it can be true that starting a harp business can be challenging, the good news is we don't measure success as perfection. You don't need to have everything figured out to get started. As long as you can play well, you can be a harpreneur. Just take that first step and get started, because we believe that progress is better than perfection and the best way to improve is by DOING it!

How long will it take me to learn?

Our program is built so that you can learn at the pace that is right for you. You could be implementing new strategies as soon as your first day on harpli™.

Which plan is right for me?

We have 3 plans to meet the needs of any harpist. The only question to answer is, how fast do you want to go on your harprenuer™ journey? If you want to meet with a harp coach regularly on a live coaching call then choose PRO. It provides 1 free call per month and the highest discount on additional live calls. Otherwise, choose harpreneur™ and only schedule live calls when you need a little extra help.

Can I get a FREE 30 minute live Coaching Call?

Yes you can! When you add PRO to your harpreneur™ membership, we bonus you 1 free 30 minute live call per month, which you schedule at your convenience. When you have added PRO you don't have to do anything else but book your live call and the discount will be automatically added.

Can I rent my old, small/cheap harp to my students?

Beginners are typically only playing a few notes at a time to start. You can likely rent small harps with no levers to students to get them started. However, they will outgrow these quickly. We find that a minimum of 26 strings going down to low C and at least partial levers are needed to give a student the chance to really learn. Additionally, beginners struggle to balance lap harps while also trying to learn basic hand position. It is best if the harp they use has a floor stand or legs. All these features are included with the Starter Harp™ which you can rent or buy for your students.

Can I choose what areas I want to grow my business in?

You will likely find the topics you seek in our growth plans that help you build the necessary skills and create the resources needed to grow. As you continue you may find specific topics or situations you need detailed help with. First go to the harpreneur™ Business Alliance and ask there how others handled it. Didn't get the answer you were looking for? Then you can schedule a live call for help with a harpreneur™ Coach.

If you are waiting for that perfect day to start growing, remember: "Someday" is not a day of the week.

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