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Imagine Feeling At Peace
Playing Your Harp.

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makers of the only step by step
graduated harp curriculum
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Imagine Feeling At Peace
Playing Your Harp.

welcome to

makers of the only step by step
graduated harp curriculum
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See What Our Students Have To Say About Our Harp Curriculum

Why did we create this curriculum?

Why? Because everyone deserves to play the harp

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and my husband joshua and I co-founded harpli™ 4 years ago. Our core mission here at harpli™ is to make learning the harp more accessible and owning a harp more affordable. We have made strides towards achieving this over the last 10 years of developing our Learn The Harp curriculum.
We believe heavily in microlearning so we break down complex topics down into smaller bite sized pieces. This allows you the learner to absorb more in a shorter amount of time.

Our Curriculum Architecture

Our graduated step by step curriculum is broken up into 5 Modules:

We have built our curriculum to systematically build on itself with each subsequent module and lesson. We do this by breaking each lesson into an exercise showing a new technique and then reinforce that technique in a new song. Additionally there are music theory lessons throughout the modules demonstrating more complex topics.

Click below on each module to jump to its description and sample.

Each Module is broken up into Music Theory Lessons, Techniques, and Songs

Click below on each sample to see it full screen.

6 Books To Take You On A Harp Journey

Module 1
Getting Ready

Retail Single Book Cost $59.97

In this module we will review the basics of music, such as notes, beats, and measures. You’ll learn all about the different types of harps and how to care for and maintain your instrument, like how to replace strings and tune your harp.

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Module 2
Playing Notes

Retail Single Book Cost $59.97

In this module we will learn how to place your hands on the harp strings and properly pluck them to make the best sound. You will also learn how to read the music and interpret the rhythms of the notes while playing one hand at a time.

Module 3
Adding Harmonies

Retail Single Book Cost $59.97

In this module we will learn how to add harmonies to your music by playing complementary notes at the same time in each hand. You will continue to grow your understanding of how to read music and rhythms while building up your muscle memory.

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Module 4
Adding Chords

Retail Single Book Cost $59.97

In this module we will increase your musical skills as you learn to play with dynamics, change the tempo, and add in lever or pedal changes to get sharps. Grow your understanding of chords so you can add even more interest to your music.

Module 5
Playing Embellishments

Retail Single Book Cost $59.97

In this module you will take your harp playing up a notch as you play in multiple keys, using both sharps and flats. Learn how to play faster notes such as 16th and 32nd notes while improving your understanding of rhythms and learning to read groups of notes together, recognizing patterns in the music. Finally, add embellishments to your music such as grace notes, accents, and beautiful rolled chords to impress your friends.

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Book 1

Retail Single Book Cost $59.97

Play music with other harps using these 4-part ensemble pieces. Each song includes a full score and 4 leveled parts, with some options for playing with only 3 harps, so everyone can participate no matter their experience level or harp size. Play with our virtual ensemble online or put together your own local group.

A Community To Help You Along The Way

When we decided to build harpli™ we didn't want to just teach how to play the harp. We wanted to build a safe, private community of people passionate about this incredible instrument. That is why all the social features you love from other platforms are included right here. Share posts, videos, and photos and make connections with old & new friends.

Earn Harp Cash For Purchases & Progress

We believe in rewarding our members and students for their purchases and progress. You will earn 5% Harp Cash Back for each and every purchase and recurring membership payment. Additionally, should you decided to join harpli™ as you progress through the lessons and interact with the community you will earn points. For every 100 points we will add an additional $1 to your Harp Cash Wallet.

What A Harp Teaching Expert
Says About harpli

Robbin Gordon-Cartier

Director of the East Orange School District & Elizabeth School District Harp Programs, Expert Harp Presenter, Composer, Private Harp Instructor, Performer

“I love one stop shopping but never thought that I would find it for my harp students!! harpli’s™ Curriculum is well planned and accessible to all harpists. A beginner harpist receives all the information needed to start and learn in a progressive and pedagogically sound way. 

The lessons introduce a new skill and the songs that follow incorporate that skill. The inclusion of videos that explain all the aspects of the harp, technology and internet access to lessons speaks to the 21st century learner. I love the adaptations for small harps that is incorporated throughout the books. Elizabeth’s arrangements are also a wonderful surprise because they are clearly notated with fingerings, modifications for small harps and chord symbols

The Starter Harp™ is perfect for learning comfortably and correctly with four different ways to play!!! The Starter Harp™ Bundle by harpli™ is the complete package and has everything a student needs to begin their harp journey. 

No more questions about what to buy because it has been thought of and put together in a package that lets the student get to the best part – Playing the Harp!!”

Simple Plans To
Accelerate Your Harp Journey

Choose your plan below and AMAZE your friends and family by
playing calming, rejuvenating, stress-free harp music.

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Your Curriculum Set Includes:

Our students love harpli's™ Learn The Harp Curriculum

harpli makes it easy for me to learn even though I didn't know how to read music before starting.
Alexis P
Harp Student
Playing the harp brings me so much joy! With harpli's lessons I am able to learn what I need and play the songs I love.
Mavis T.
Harp Student
My harp playing has greatly improved since starting with harpli's curriculum.
Shirley S.
Harp Student
As a new harpist that can read music easily I’m too busy trying to get the fingers in the right place and the expression suffers, but your curriculum pieces allowed me to play with confidence and expression!
Alison R.
Harp Student
harpli does a great job of meeting the student where they are at. I love that I didn't have to learn to read music before starting to play songs, they happened together.
Jennifer P.
Harp Student

Still Have Questions?

Yes, we have a free forever plan that will never expire. In the free plan you have access to all of Module 1. These videos will walk you through learning to read basic music notation, taking care of your harp, and setting up for success in lessons. You will have exclusive member discounts and access to the community.

What if I don't have time?

One of the things that makes our platform so unique is that it conforms to your schedule. If you're a busy person, you only need about 10-15 mins to learn your lessons and a minimum of 20 min per day to practice. We spend more time than that streaming Netflix™!

Can I schedule live 1on1 lessons?

Absolutely! We have a simple booking system that allows you to book a live lesson with a professional harp instructor when its convinient for you. You can even do this from a free account but your discounts per 30 min lesson increase with each paid level.

How does harpli's price compare to in-person harp instruction?

Traditionally harp lessons are taught weekly. In-person lessons can cost you between $40-$75 per week. We want harpli to continue that same experience but at a much more affordable price. This also helps us with our core mission to make learning the harp more accessible to more people.

First, don't worry, we have you covered. Over the last decade we have spent time developing a harp perfect for students. Our Starter Harp™ has everything you need to start and continue playing for years to come. We have 3 very affordable ways to get a Starter Harp™ in your hands. You can rent one for as long as you need. You can rent-to-own and gain equity along the way. Or you can purchase our entire Starter Harp™ for one discounted price. Click Here To Learn More

What if I am no good at the harp?

While it can be true that playing the harp can be challenging at times, the good news is we don't measure success as perfection. You don't need to play complicated and fast. Slow and simple is beautiful on the harp. With practice, anyone can learn to play beautifully!

How long will it take me to learn?

Our program is built so that you can learn at the pace that is right for you. You could be playing your first song as soon as your first day with harpli's™ curriculum.

Can I learn on the harp I have?

The beginning lessons can be played on any size harp. As you progress through the lessons and begin to learn pieces that use more strings and are in different keys, your harp will need at least 26 strings and levers like the Starter Harp™.

Can I choose what songs I play?

You will start on the songs in the curriculum that help you build the necessary skills to play. As you grow you can choose songs from our growing collection of supplemental sheet music in our music store using your harp cash. You can also schedule a live lesson for help learning music you have purchased elsewhere.

Will I learn how to play the harp with other instruments?

Yes! We teach you the skills to play along with any other instrument or singer. We even have a Virtual Harp Ensemble where you choose that part that fits you and play with other harpists across the world.

If you are waiting for that perfect day to start learning the harp, remember: "Someday" is not a day of the week.

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