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See What Our Student & Harp Teachers
Have To Say

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Why Did We Build This Harp & Accessories?

We constantly hear about all the issues with new harp learners and their harps and accessories (or lack thereof). That is exactly why we made this harp and its bundle of accessories. 
We put years of thought and care into our harp design and what would benefit all the harp learners that so desperately needed it.
We wanted it to be light but strong, versatile but compact, and high quality but affordable. 
The development of our accessories were born out of notating every frustration we saw students experience. We wanted the students to focus on learning and not worried if they had everything the needed. All along the process we made all decisions by one statement: “everything fits in the case.”   
So why did we choose the name The Starter Harp™? We chose this name to encourage new people to give the harp a chance. Our mission as a company is to grow the harp community. 
We do this by making learning the harp more accessible and owning a harp more affordable.

starter harp™ Specs

26 Strings

Medium String Tension

Range: G1 to C5

36" x 20" x 5"

Weight: 9.3 Lbs

Premium Hard Maple

starter harp™ Features

Lightweight @ 9.3lbs

Other harps on the market may be built larger or heavier. Those harps may be difficult to play for young and the young at heart. It was important to us to build a harp that was easy to transport, wear, and play.

12" Adjustable Play Stand

Our Patent Pending adjustable legs lift the harp up to 12 inches in one inch increments. We designed this specifically with students in mind. When someone starts learning the harp they typically don't have an adjustable harp bench and will use whatever chair is available. Sure, you could use the lab bar, but we don't want students worrying about balancing the harp when they need to be focusing on hand position and basic technique.

Color Coded
Strings & Levers

When starting to play the harp it can be difficult to know where everything is. We make sure that both the strings and the levers have bright blue and red colors to help you find the notes and levers quickly.

Easy Cary Case

In a world where some harps don't even come with cases or the cases don't have enough room to store accessories, we knew we could do better. Our harp case contains all the accessories, room for your sheet music, and of course the harp itself.

Full Set of
Replacement Strings

We include a full set of replacement strings for when the inevitable happens. When new harps get up to tune and a string breaks we don't want you waiting or paying for a new one to arrive. Our string set includes 6 BioCarbon™ Sugar strings and 20 nylon strings. We string all the base strings with these superior BioCarbon™ strings instead of wound nylon like many other lever harps.

Steel harpli™ Levers

Most affordable harps in our category do not come with many or even any levers without charging you extra. Not having levers leads to a limited range of music that you can play. That is why we include full levers on our Starter Harp™. Our Steel harpli™ Levers are one of our proudest creations. It was important to us that our levers not be made of plastic. Plastic levers fail, break, and don't hold their position when sharpening the string.

Everything Fits
In The Case

Nothing is more frustrating than arriving to play your harp and realizing you forgot something. That is why we designed a harp case where everything has a home. We even include a separate pocket for your notebooks and sheet music.

Strung With
Medium Tension

We string our harps with medium tension rather than the typical lap harp light tension. This ensures that the potential transition to larger harps including pedal harps is not as jarring as with other smaller lever harps. Also, we have had pedal harpists purchase this as a travel harp for the same reason.

Included Accessories

When we decided to build the Starter Harp™ one thing we did not want to do is charge extra for every one of our accessories. That is why our full suite of accessories comes included standard with all Starter Harp™ Bundles.

Total HarpCare+™

One of the things we love to do is innovate and find new ways to make the harp owning and playing experience worry free. That is why we launched the HarpCare™ and Total HarpCare+™ programs. When added to your Starter Harp™ these programs deliver peace of mind when the unthinkable happens.

How Do The Programs Help?


Total HarpCare+™

Earn Harp Cash For Your Purchase Or Rental Payments

We know that investing in a new harp is expensive that is why we want to offer you some Bonus Harp Cash Back. You will earn 5% Harp Cash Back for each and every purchase and recurring rental payments. When you create your free harpli account and interact with the community you will earn points. For every 100 points we will add an additional $1 to your Harp Cash Wallet.

4 Ways To Play

We pride ourselves on having the most versatile
harp that can be played in a variety of ways.

You can play standing or walking with our harpli™ Harp Strap

You can play balancing with our comfortable lap bar

You can play sitting with the harpli™ Adjustable Play Stand

You can play standing by extending our harpli™ Play Stand​

"The Starter Harp™ is amazing! I can’t believe how much sound comes from such a small soundboard."

Dr. Christine Vivona


What A Harp Expert Says About the
Starter Harp™

Simple Plans To
Get Your Starter Harp™ In Your Hands

Choose your plan below that fits your needs
and allows you to start playing now.

Our students and teachers love the Starter Harp™

I can't get over how much sound is produced by such as tiny soundbox! And I love that you can really pull on the strings and develop quality technique unlike on so many lightly strung lap harps. This is the kind of harp I want my students to start on because it has everything you need to be successful.
Dr. Christine V.
University Harp Professor & Private Harp Teacher
The Starter Harp is really easy to play and to carry around. I was most surprised by how much sound it produces and that it's good quality not tinny.
Ellen E
Harp Student
I wish I had known about the Starter Harp when I first began playing harp. It would have saved me a lot of frustrations, because my first harp was missing so much that I needed to play easily. I highly recommend the Starter Harp!
Bonnie K.
Harp Student
The Starter Harp™ is perfect for learning comfortably and correctly with four different ways to play!!! The Starter Harp™ Bundle by harpli™ is the complete package and has everything a student needs to begin their harp journey. No more questions about what to buy because it has been thought of and put together in a package that lets the student get to the best part – Playing the Harp!!”
Robbin GC.
We love the Starter Harp! It is easy for my daughter to handle and play, and I know as she grows it will grow with her using the adjustable stand.
Sarah and Grace M.
Harp Student
I really love the Starter Harp. I love that is has colored strings and levers so I can learn to play easily. And being able to rent to own made it so I could afford to get a quality harp like this.
Alexis P.
Harp Student

Still Have Questions?

Do I get a free membership to harpli™?

Yes, we have a free forever plan that will never expire. In the free plan you have access to select tutorial videos on how to tune and take care of your Starter Harp™. You will also have exclusive member discounts and access to the community to post and share your harp journey.

What if I don't have time?

When you are getting your Starter Harp™ to lean on and worried about time commitment one of the things that makes our platform so unique is that it conforms to your schedule. If you're a busy person, you only need about 9-15 mins to watch your lessons and a minimum of 15 min per day to practice. We spend more time than that streaming Netflix™!

Can I schedule live 1on1 lessons?

Absolutely! We have a simple booking system that allows you to book a live lesson with a professional harp instructor when it's convenient for you. You can even do this from your free account. When you upgrade to a paid plan and or Go PRO you can book with deeper discounts.

What if I change my mind?

No matter the scenario we have a path for you to return your harp. We have return and buyback options with each of the 3 plans so you can purchase with confidence. For the rental and rent to own options you can return the harp and receive a refund of your deposit*. If you return the harp sooner the refund will be less the remaining balance due for those initial 13 weeks. If you purchased the harp and wish to return it you may do so within 14 days of purchase for a full refund minus shipping. If you wish to return it after 14 days, we offer a buyback program, with the buyback amount dependent on the age and condition of the harp and accessories.

First, don't worry, we have you covered. First you will file a police report locally detailing what happened. Once you get your copy and submit it through support our harp happiness engineers will walk you through the process. With Total HarpCare+ we will replace your stolen harp with a new or Certified Good As New Starter Harp™ that has been returned to us. By adding Total HarpCare+ to your Starter Harp™ you can play with peace of mind knowing you are protected.

NO you do not! Not only does your Starter Harp™ come with a full spare set of strings that you can use immediately but when you add HarpCare™ to your Starter Harp™ you can also get 26 additional strings per year for absolutely FREE. We also have videos that walk you through changing your strings step by step.

I Don't Know How To Play. What Do I Do Now?

That is exactly what this harp and our Learn The Harp program was built for. With you free account you can get started right away in Learn The Harp Module 1. Learn about your harp and how to care for it. Learn how to read music, tune your harp with our tuning app, and other foundational lessons all for free. Then when you upgrade to a paid plan you have easy to follow step by step videos that will have you playing music in front of friends and family in no time.

What if I am no good at the harp?

While it can be true that playing the harp can be challenging at times, the good news is we don't measure success as perfection. You don't need to play complicated and fast. Slow and simple is beautiful on the harp. With practice, anyone can learn to play beautifully!

How long will it take me to learn to play?

Our Learn The Harp program is built so that you can learn at the pace that is right for you. You could be playing your first song as soon as your first day on harpli™.

Should I Rent Or Buy?

We have 3 plans to meet the needs of any harpist. If you want to save the most money you should buy the harp and get $500 off. If you are not sure yet if harp is for you, go ahead and rent until you decide. If you want to purchase the harp but don't have the cash flow to buy outright, the rent to own option will allow you to gain equity and pay it off in just 2 years. You also have the option of returning the harp if you decide it is not for you.

Will I Outgrow The Harp?

NO! The Starter Harp is perfect for people of any age getting started on the harp. Especially those young ones who seem to grow like a weed in the blink of an eye. With the Adjustable Play Stand it will grow with them. The Starter Harp™ has 26 strings going down to low C and full levers, meaning you will be able to play many, many pieces including complex songs in various keys on the harp. The Learn The Harp Curriculum and videos available on are all compatible with the Starter Harp™. It's also an excellent travel harp. So even if you end up purchasing a larger lever harp or pedal harp some day, you can still enjoy the benefits of your Starter Harp™ any time you travel.

Is there a limit to what type of music I can play?

The Starter Harp has 26 strings with 26 harpli levers. This means you can play songs in up to 8 keys, with or without accidentals. Most songs that are written for larger harps can be adapted for a smaller harp, and hapli has video lessons on exactly how to do this. The Learn The Harp Curriculum and accompanying videos are all playable on the Starter Harp. The Starter Harp is also a great stepping stone towards a pedal harp because of string spacing and tension, which is the best option for complex classical music.

What If I Damage The Harp?

We have you covered here too. With our HarpCare and Total HarpCare+ programs you will have the ability to get FREE hardware and accessory parts to repair or replace the compromised part. With Total HarpCare+ you will be eligible for being reimbursed for local repair costs when you get your repair approved by a harp happiness engineer through support.

What Do I Do If Something Breaks And I don't Know How To Fix It?

Not a technical or DIY type of person? That's ok we have detailed step by step videos ready to show you how to repair the most common issue that may arise on your harp journey.

What If I Damage The Harp Beyond Repair?

Total HarpCare+ has your back here. If you accidentally drop or damage your Starter Harp™ and there is more damage than can be repaired you are not going to go through this alone. With Total HarpCare+ we will replace your damaged harp with a new or Certified Good As New Starter Harp™ that has been returned to us. By adding Total HarpCare+ to your Starter Harp™ you can play with peace of mind knowing you are protected.

If you are waiting for that perfect day to get a harp, remember: "Someday" is not a day of the week.

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*Discounts off sheet music is excluded from music that is categorized and licensed outside of harpli Publishing™
*Refunds of rental and rent to own harps deposits are returned in full as long as you have rented for at least 13 weeks and the harp is in like new condition.
*Virtual Harp Cash can be used to purchase sheet music, harps, and other products but can not be used to pay for subscriptions or memberships.

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