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The harp instructors have so much patience, which is exactly what I need as a beginner.
Marion L.
Harp Student
harpli does a great job of meeting the student where they are at. I love that I didn't have to learn to read music before starting to play songs, they happened together.
Jennifer P.
Harp Student

Frequently asked questions about PRO

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! There is no contract. You can cancel/downgrade at any time.

Can I get a FREE 30 min Live Lesson?

YES! PRO also affords you a bonus of one 30 minute live lesson per month with a Harp Instructor.

Can I get 30% off booking more live lessons?

YES! PRO grants you access to the deepest discounts on booking additional live lessons whenever you want to meet with a Harp Instructor.

Do my Harp Partner commissions increase?

YES! PRO affords you higher commissions on each and every purchase that results from you sharing your Harp Partner link.

Do I get 50% off sheet music with PRO?

YES, PRO gets you the deepest discounts on our sheet music store.

Do I get access to harpli LABS™?

YES! Only PRO members get access To Harpli LABS™.
These exclusive done-with-you LIVE group workshops help build deeper harp skills.

Can I test out of modules I am already proficient at?

YES! Only PRO members have the ability to test out of modules. If you have already started your harp journey on your own or with another teacher in the past, you can skip ahead to more challenging modules. Simply schedule your FREE live lesson with a Harp Instructor and they will assess your skills and assign you to the best Module for your level.

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