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This is the second book from the progressive Learn The Harp series. Module 1 gets you set up for success at the harp and Modules 2-5 each contain 12 lessons exercises, music theory/note reading lessons, and a song. The Ensemble book allows you to play a part at your level with other harps or other instruments.

Module 2 teaches how to place your hands on the harp strings and properly pluck them to make the best sound. You will also learn how to read the music and interpret the rhythms of the notes while playing one hand at a time, developing good hand position and creating muscle memory. There are no sharps or flats in this module, so everything can be played on a harp with or without levers or pedals with 26 strings or more. Harps with fewer than 26 strings can use the instructions in Module 1 to modify the music to fit a smaller harp.

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This is a digital pdf download book and retails for $59.97 each. Save 20% with the full set bundle! Also available as a printed full-color spiral-bound book.

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