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Robbin Gordon-Cartier

Director of the East Orange School District & Elizabeth School District Harp Programs, Expert Harp Presenter, Composer, Private Harp Instructor, Performer

“I love one stop shopping but never thought that I would find it for my harp students!! harpli’s™ Curriculum is well planned and accessible to all harpists. A beginner harpist receives all the information needed to start and learn in a progressive and pedagogically sound way. 

The lessons introduce a new skill and the songs that follow incorporate that skill. The inclusion of pictures that explain all the aspects of the harp, technology and internet access to lessons speaks to the 21st century learner. I love the adaptations for small harps that is incorporated throughout the books. Elizabeth’s arrangements are also a wonderful surprise because they are clearly notated with fingerings, modifications for small harps and chord symbols

The Starter Harp™ is perfect for learning comfortably and correctly with four different ways to play!!! The Starter Harp™ Bundle by harpli™ is the complete package and has everything a student needs to begin their harp journey. 

No more questions about what to buy because it has been thought of and put together in a package that lets the student get to the best part – Playing the Harp!!”

Deborah Henson-Conant

Founder of, Expert in improvisation, Composer, Harp Instructor, Grammy Nominated Performer

“Harpli’s Learn The Harp platform helps harpists connect with music, releasing the creativity inside them, and gives more people the chance to experience the harp.”

Deette Puckett Bunn

University Professor of Harp, Orchestra Coach, Arranger, and Double Strung Harp Expert

“Harpli is a must if you want to be a successful freelancer, performer, or have a teaching studio. Everything you need to know about organization, marketing, contracts, and teaching can all be found in one place.”

Dr. Christine Vivona

University Professor of the harp, Composer, Harp Instructor, Grammy Nominated Performer

“The Starter Harp is amazing! I can’t believe how much sound comes from such a small soundboard. I love that you can really pull on the strings, and the adjustable stand is absolutely GENIUS!”

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