HarpCare Program


Play with peace of mind knowing there will be no unexpected parts costs. For only $6.97 extra per week, you may enroll in our HarpCare program. HarpCare is already included with your Starter Harp Rental and Rent To Own Programs. This invaluable program covers 100% of the cost of replacing your harp case, broken accessories, harp hardware, and FREE replacement strings. It even covers replacement of strings due to normal use! Whether just routine maintenance or a mishap, we have you covered. So long as the damage isn't deliberate or a result of intentional misuse, you will only have to cover shipping. That’s it!

HarpCare Program:

Covers 100% Parts on All Qualified Requests

An affordable way to guarantee there are no unexpected extra costs associated with your harp purchase.

What's Included:

Covers harp hardware and accessories that are accidentally damaged.

Did your dog run into the harp and knock it over causing a bent lever? We’ll send you a new lever with step by step instructions on how to replace it. You just cover the shipping. 

Covers routine adjustments and maintenance.

This coverage is only included in Total HarpCare+

Covers parts that need to be replaced from normal wear and tear.

Did your performance harp strap break? No problem, your harp and all accessories in your Starter Harp Bundle are covered from normal use and wear and tear. All parts will be shipped to you. You just cover the shipping.

Replaces up to 26 broken strings per year for FREE.

Don’t worry about broken strings! harpli with ship you up to 26 strings per year to keep your harp in great playing condition. Whether the same string keeps breaking or different ones, we have you covered. Keep your spare string box stocked so you never have to wait for a new string in the mail.

Replaces stolen harps.*

This coverage is only included in Total HarpCare+

Replaces harps damaged beyond repair.*

This coverage is only included in Total HarpCare+

What's Not Included:

We do not pay for routine cleaning, tuning, lever regulation, or string replacement that should be performed on a regular basis by the harpist. See video lessons on how to properly care for your harp or talk with your harp instructor if you have questions or wish to hire someone to perform maintenance on your harp.

Coverage for cracks in the wooden parts of the harp is only included in the Total HarpCare+ Program

Blemishes or cosmetic damage to the carrying case or harp is not covered. Dings and dents over time are normal when a harp is being loved and played. If you are unsure if something is cosmetic or structural please contact Harpli and include clear, detailed pictures of the areas of concern. 

Free loaner harp provided if available at the time.

This coverage is only included in Total HarpCare+

HarpCare can continue after your harp is paid off as long as your HarpCare subscription payments remain up to date. The HarpCare can be purchased for your new Starter Harp at any time within 30 days of receiving your harp. It can be canceled at any time but cannot be re-added after being canceled without prior inspection and approval by harpli staff.

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