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The purpose of this video is to illustrate your current progress through your latest set of lessons including your new techniques and new song

How To Use Our Harp Progress Recorder

  • First, click Continue To Enter Your Progress Video Info.
  • Next, you will be asked to setup your Camera & Mic.
  • Next, you will be asked to record your new technique(s).
  • Once each recording is complete, you will be able to clip the start and end of your recording to just include you playing.
  • Then click next and repeat for your new song.
  • Then you will submit your progress clips and our software will stitch them together into one video that will be added to your Virtual Harp Studio.
  • Finally, your harpli™ Instructor will review and respond to your progress with what you need to work on or promote you to your next set of lessons.
This interview is currently unavailable. Please ask the person who sent you this link to check their video interview settings.

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