MuseScore Mastery the Basics


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MuseScore is a free (opensource) muse notation software that can do anything you need for harp music. Have you created your own harp compositions or arrangements? Do you wish you knew how to notate them but don’t have time to figure it out? Have you tried MuseScore but are so slow with it you feel notating by hand is faster?

MuseScore Mastery the Basics was created to help harpists get their inspirations written down so they can play them again later, share them with students, and even sell them to other harpists. Imagine how we can change the harp world by providing easier access to harp arrangements!

This first course contains 7 Modules, each containing 5-6 individual lessons. Each lesson covers one topic, which is explained and demonstrated on the screen. Each lesson also has a downloadable Homework PDF showing the steps again with screenshots and an assignment for you to practice what you learned before going on to the next lesson. One module even covers how to create a custom Harp workspace with all the tools you need for harp music organized and at your fingertips. By the end of the course you will be able to notate songs from start to finish, including all the formatting and exporting. Bonus printable keyboard command cheat sheet included!

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